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Always game, Part II

Always game, Part II

From World of Warcraft to Whack the Penguin, online gaming is a global phenomenon. And slowly but surely, the Middle East is playing its part, reports Communicate magazine. Part II.

December 16, 2009 9:19 by

“We believe the talent has to be developed and nurtured for the complex world of online and MMORP games,” says Ghai, “which is why ADMC and the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) have formed a partnership to create a targeted curriculum around game development, which will bridge this gap.” Internship and employment schemes for HCT students will begin in 2010.

Education plays a vital role in the emerging gaming industry, and with companies like Tahadi committing themselves to localizing popular games as well the gaming world is set to expand within a few years.

“Infrastructure and connectivity have been a challenge, but it’s a growing market,” says Tsao. “I have built businesses in emerging markets, and year one is not the same as year three in terms of the infrastructure and the capability of the market. So, although there are hindrances now, we fully expect to work with all partners in the region to grow the infrastructure, connectivity and distribution we will need in the times to come.”

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