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An offer you can’t refuse…


Laimoon’s marketing guru Ramy Assaf stresses on the importance of hiring not just a good salesman but a great salesman.

June 13, 2012 5:36 by

The selling instinct: it is in your DNA—it can’t really be taught through a weekend seminar. This is what separates a good salesperson, from a great one. And if you’re looking to hire the best of the best, you have to know what to look for so here are a few tell tale signs to look for in your candidates, ways to separate the hunter from the farmer. Don’t get me wrong, your company won’t suffer because you employee just good salespeople—in fact you may hit targets and perform well. But, when you hire great salespeople, well that is when you’ll start seeing the difference and hit levels you may have not thought possible.

When interviewing a salesperson keep this in mind

How does this candidate make you feel?

-Is this candidate a people person?

-Do they appear to have a genuine smile?

-Is there body language open and friendly?

-Would they make friends easily?

Essentially, you got to ask yourself if this potential salesman is selling the product that is his abilities, to you. Would you buy it? If you seem unconvinced of their selling capabilities but they seem smart and capable nonetheless proceed with caution. If you hire someone who isn’t quite out there, you will be doing both the candidate and your company a disservice.

What does this candidate ask you?

-What questions they ask YOU during the interview?

-Are they getting to know you?

– Do you feel like this person is personally interested to understand how your company works?

-Is the candidate asking the right kind of questions to find out what motivates you?


If yes, then you might just have a great sales candidate in front of you.

The bottom line, beyond the initial questions, the ideal salesman asks questions so asto spark a conversation. When a salesperson gets that kind of information, they possess something very powerful. They have the power to make their prospect vulnerable yet also at ease. If they can get your prospective customer to have the impression that ‘this person cares about me’ well then, you have a good salesman on your hands.

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