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An unending night of fireworks

An unending night of fireworks

Dubai is starting a new ‘festival’ this Eid to keep the crowds coming. But is its event calendar getting clogged?

September 14, 2008 12:40 by

Dubai has just added a new ‘event-festival’ to its long list. The latest initiative, called Eid in Dubai, will promote the city as the premier destination of the region during Eid celebrations.
With the goal of bringing in 15 million tourists per year to Dubai by 2015, the city is doing all it can to promote itself.

The Dubai Shopping Festival, started in 1996, continues to draw the biggest crowds. The Modhesh-filled Dubai Summer Surprises, which came later, also claims a share of international fame.

While the idea of having an Eid festival is good for people wanting to get a glimpse of local tradition and culture, is there space for another addition to the calendar of festive events hosted by Dubai? With promises of Barney’s Musical Castle, and other kids’ promotions, parents who might have just drained their pockets at DSS will have a tough time controlling kids.

While ‘festivals’ and events are music to the ears of the hotel industry, how many actual ‘sales’ can the retail sector have? And what about the exclusivity of the events? At this rate, very soon it will be lights and colors throughout the year in Dubai, with one event following another directly.

If there’s always a festival to greet you in Dubai, and fireworks constantly in the air, will the events still hold their charm?

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