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Another day, another deadline. EIDA extension makes Kipp eat our own words.

eida extension delay

June 3, 2012 5:51 by

Kipp prides ourselves on our ability to ‘kipp things real,’ excuse the pun. Which is why, whenever the logistics nightmare that is the Emirates ID Authority issue a final, final, final extension, we know better than to believe it. And yet, just 10 days ago Kipp told you we believed the upcoming June 1st deadline was going to be the ‘real thing.’ And so it is with a little bitterness but amusement nonetheless, that we inform you the final deadline has been pushed back by a month for one last final time.

According to this story in The National, EIDA extended the deadline to ‘help labourers who had not yet registered to avoid fines.’ The body hopes companies will take advantage of the extension and choose to ‘the appointment system and avoid transporting busloads of workers to the registration centers unannounced.’  Bus loads? Ahem.

If the body is making allowances for a section of society usually ignored, then Kipp finds it just a little difficult to make fun of the extension. Apparently almost 90 percent of Dubai residents are already registered-one million registered this May- we will leave it up to you to accept this claim. But, we will say we aren’t too surprised with this final final final extension—despite saying otherwise. Just goes to show you, when dealing with red tape in Dubai it is best to assume the worst.

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  1. mandarin on June 4, 2012 10:38 am

    Yes, the labourers do require some grace… considering most would be even unaware or at the mercies of their employers to get the process going. But, just a thought, for all those who are crying themselves hoarse about overcrowded typing centres etc… you make the rest of us who have already gone through one renewal feel like fools for having spent our money and time much before the deadline boogey….


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