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Apple’s biggest asset is not the iPhone 4

Apple’s biggest asset is not the iPhone 4

It was sleek, it was efficient, it was technically flawless… in short, Steve Jobs’s press conference was everything the iPhone 4 should have been. Could Apple rot without Jobs, asks Sam Potter.

July 18, 2010 3:42 by

In the past, much has been made of Jobs’ well honed presentation skills, and to be honest, I haven’t bought into it. It has always seemed to me to stem mainly from several features: an ability to be eloquent, relaxed, informal, and knowledgeable, all while delivering eagerly awaited products. Add to that an audience of largely pro-Apple techie geeks, and you have your recipe for success. It hardly makes the guy the world’s greatest orator. But even if his ultra-slick performances do attract critics, like me, in this instance those critics have been left talking about the press conference, rather than the iPhone 4. So either way, he really did a job.

The crisis press conference was no different to the usual Jobs show; the same tried and tested performance, the same pro-Apple audience. But in watching its execution I realized something; it doesn’t matter what I think of Steve’s presentation style, because I am neither the target audience nor the majority. Ultimately, Jobs’ presentation skills play precisely and perfectly to his audience, time and again, and they always succeed, and that is what makes him a great orator.

The Jobs show is not just about the moment, it is the product of a carefully honed persona and an embodiment of company values. It’s a culmination of cultivated buzz and doing all the right things at the right time, and he has mastered the magic so that he can harness it time and again.

And it makes him by far Apple’s biggest asset. Products will come and go, and some may come and fail, but as long as Jobs is presenting them, the unstoppable Apple bandwagon will roll on.

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