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Arab Media Forum

The high-profile event has attracted journalists, politicians and media types from around the region, and hopes to facilitate dialogue about the issues affecting Arab media.

May 12, 2009 7:46 by

What Kipp didn’t like this year

One of the sessions that we were looking forward to was a workshop titled ‘From terrestrial Fatwa to Satellite Fatwa’. Sadly, the session did not have facilities for translation (all the sessions are in Arabic), and after hovering around for a while and snapping few pictures, we left. Although some of the seminars did have translating devices (which needed to be adjusted constantly to catch the signal), Kipp felt that the same service should have been extended to all sessions.

The UAE draft media law and the controversy surrounding the law were not addressed. Even though the organizers explained that the law was omitted from the agenda because it was local rather than regional, we were not convinced.

And, in Dubai style, the entire function ran late, and the local journalists were debating about whether the forum was planning on starving us. Sadly, it was almost proved true, because we found most of the lunch bowls empty.

And yes, some of the sessions were boring.


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