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Latest News vs. Maktoob Business

Not all news websites are created equal.

Before we judge the news websites, we’d like to note that Kipp visits both and Maktoob Business regularly, and that we’re indebted to them for helping us generate story ideas. (AB)

Download time is part of the Arabian Business Group, which is run by Dubai-based ITP. We can appreciate that the internet connection in Dubai is terrible, but compared with other Dubai-based websites, AB does poorly. Whereas AME Info takes between four to six seconds to open, takes 15 to 20 second to open. There’s no excuse for that. Score: 2


AB is well known for its scoops. AB Group’s editorial director, Anil Bhoyrul, has an enviable list of contacts in the region, which explains some of the scoops. However, even without Bhoyrul’s little black book, AB journalists know what they’re doing. It’s too bad that they’re told to tone down their stories; but any journalist who’s worked in the region knows that censorship is a given. Score: 9

Editorial variety

With blogs, slideshows and special reports featured regularly on AB, there’s plenty of editorial variety on the website. Score: 8

Overall impression

AB looks old. With all the money ITP’s got, you’d expect a more interactive, stylized website. It is poorly organized and text heavy. It could use an upgrade. Score: 3

Final Score: 22



  1. sky king on September 2, 2009 4:08 pm

    here in nyc, AB loads in 4 secs, maktoob in 1-2. AB’s design for sure can use a facelift, but maktoob is just a ripoff of the guardian.

  2. Simone on September 3, 2009 4:08 pm

    I read both Web sites every day, and I found your review broadly rang true. A few more comparisons – personal, but given I read them both every day, I think knowledgeable:

    Maktoob Business is much better written.

    AB seems to be more connected – the Fahim exclusives were great.

    Maktoob Business’ news is more regional/international, Arabian Business focuses on Dubai.

    Arabian Business focuses on business, Maktoob covers business and general news and sport.

    Maktoob is definitely more up to date and publishes a lot more stories. Arabian Business seems to stop sometime in the morning.

    Arabian Business is more developed for things like financial data.

    Arabian has more opinion pieces. Quality very variable.

    Maktoob Business is much more pleasing on the eye. I also like its news in numbers stuff.

    Overall they are both great, although I too would give the edge to Maktoob, especially given it’s only a couple of months old. Its design and editorial is just more complete.

    By the way, I read the National as well everyday. It’s also great – although its longer pieces are better for print.

  3. Rima on September 6, 2009 7:48 am

    I don’t know much about AB other than its content but I am very sure that all BOC products including , maktoub .. etc. are a collection of existing idea in the international market such as which is a copy of a part of
    But I also know that BOC web development teams are very well skilled and professional.
    Arabian business seems to be nice but it’s alittle old as you said.. text is everywhere while the world is moving into more simple content organizing and personalized content.


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