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Arabia’s camels

The beasts of burden symbolize the region, and currently nearly 30,000 of them are making their way towards the town of Al Gharbia in Abu Dhabi, to take part in the Al Dhaffra festival.

December 22, 2008 9:48 by

Camel Polo

Earlier this year, Dnata, a travel management company and part of the Emirates group, launched a new version of the traditional polo game, by using camels instead of horses.

“Camel polo is a great fun, exciting and safe activity that everyone, regardless of size, age, gender, strength or skill can participate in,” says
Adrian Sime, manager of business development at Dnata Travel Services. “We structure our camel polo experience to include a training session, in which clients are shown some basic skills, and then it’s time to put those skills
into action with a match. There are always two people on the camel – one to maneuver the camel and the other to play the polo – so we can have two participants per camel or one participant plus a ‘driver’.”

A dedicated handler is also provided for every camel during each match, to ensure the safety of both camel and players.

But watch out for the pauses; the camel may just sit down in the middle of the match.


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