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Are you being served? Part II

Are you being served? Part II

Is customer care in the GCC up to scratch? Communicate magazine investigates. Part II

November 9, 2009 10:35 by

He added: “They love the product and the brand. They’re getting the right balance between the physical environment and the relationship with staff in the stores and following that up. If you built a relationship, only then can you trust a brand sufficiently to buy online. That’s why online shopping hasn’t taken off; there’s not enough trust.”

While advertising works to attract consumers on an initial level, it is clear from the Grass Roots, “Are you being served in the GCC?” survey that the shine fades fast if the customer shopping experience is not met with knowledgeable and empowered staff, who will champion a brand and keep consumers coming back for more.

“What use is it having one of the most eye-catching branding campaigns around, if customers walk into one of your stores and are put off purchasing anything due to the poor level of service they receive?” asks Sparks.

“Frontline staff are vital to the success of a company. They are the public face and brand guardians, outwardly expressing all the positive values of a company or brand.  Many companies do not have a clear view of their brand from their customers’ viewpoint.  Those companies that closely measure the customer experience react to the challenges presented and change the frontline to deliver real customer satisfaction and build long-term loyalty will ultimately flourish.”

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