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Are you excited about the Dubai Shopping Festival?

Are you excited about the Dubai Shopping Festival?

The results are in.

February 7, 2010 1:30 by

But while tourists from outside the UAE may be coming in bigger numbers, it seems like the event has lost its charm for some. In a Kipp reader poll, the majority of respondents said that they are not excited about DSF this year. Around 41 percent said that it’s boring, and 31 percent said the festival is just an excuse to make us spend money.

Only 24 percent of our respondents said that they are hoping to find a few bargains during the festival, and another 4 percent said that they enjoy the event because of the cultural activities that take place in Dubai, rather than the shopping.

The festivities that accompany the retail event are often touted to be special; among the attractions this year, The Walk at JBR in Dubai Marina includes the heritage village which will host mock Emirati weddings, local cuisines, handicrafts, folklore dances and costumes. And then there is the Global Village, which has pavilions and performances from all over the world.

But while promotions and shopping offers can be tempting and exotic cultural events can be entertaining, somehow, the lure of the DSF seems to have faded.

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  1. enra c. otneinmras on February 17, 2010 10:15 am

    it’s boring, tiring, and same events people are encouraged to spend but it’s up to the people to think so many times before spending their money because sales and discounts are temptations. in riyadh ksa when they say it is SALE there you can see the actual old tag price reduced to a new price discounted. here it’s different they will increase the price and they will give the same old price that they have and the tag price oh my my it’s new and clean meaning they have just removed the old one’s and changed it to a higher price and the same tag price they will put, many shops, malls, are doing this in dubai go and check it out, they will close for one day and they will say it is inventory stock day, but mind you they are changing the tag prices in preparation for the DSF make the price higher and deduct the discount to arrive to the same old price.


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