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Are you going to GITEX?

Are you going to GITEX?

Kipp is, assuming the boss will sign off on the Metro fare. But will you be going, and what can we expect when we get there? Here’s a brief preview…

October 17, 2010 1:20 by

GITEX: quite possibly Dubai’s oldest techie convention – known for its new releases, cheap prices, and huge crowds – has once again opened its doors, and we wanted to know how excited Kipp’s readers were about the weeklong event. Not very, it turns out. We found the majority of our readers were less than enthusiastic about the Middle East’s largest consumer IT and electronics exhibition. While the largest group of respondents, 34 percent, said they can’t face the chaos of GITEX, an also considerable 29 percent said they thought electronics prices weren’t any cheaper during the convention than they were the rest of the year, so presumably they’re not bothered.
There are still a lot of you showing an interest, however; 27 percent of our readers think the prices are cheaper at GITEX, and 10 percent said they thought that the prices are cheaper, and they know they will end up buying more than they intended to because of it.
Given our past experience with GITEX, we are not exactly surprised with the results of the poll. After battling through the jammed-pack traffic leading up to the halls, one is faced with the challenge of navigating through the gigantic swirl of people hoping to snatch the bargain of the year. But still, Kipp finds itself optimistic about this year: the introduction of the metro and the feeder bus that will shuttle between the station and the airport expo means that the stress we associate with the event will be halved. And though we haven’t been down there yet, from what we hear this year’s main attractions at GITEX are worth a visit. Here’s a quick preview of what we (and you) can expect to see at the convention:

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  1. Tarub on October 18, 2010 9:44 am

    Few years back, GITEX was free from entry fee only requirement was a simple registration and Gitex Shopper was also free, but since last 3-4 years one has to pay a entry fee to attend this. This I feel is not a good practice and entry fee for shopper event as well at AED 25 this year from from AED15 last year. Only happy team in this are the organisers who are making money from both ends.
    After spending time and money by going to shopper the bargain we get is not worth it and eventually all IT products price come down in a month or so so why bother?

  2. OFiroz on October 18, 2010 10:07 am

    Gitex used to be a big event but not anymore. When I was working in a reputed advertising company in Dubai, Gitex was the life breather for all of us, I remember once we revived from the edge of death solely accounting on Gitex! Not anymore!
    The excitement and WOW! factors has been faded ! Probably people started thinking wisely now a days. Electronic Item’s price will definitely go down after their launch, probably because of ever evolving technology; when they come up with new one the old one has to drop the price! And in current situation this is happening in rapid pace! Why do you have to spent two to three thousand more to buy something that is not a necessary for your daily life, especially when it will be available lesser price in 3 months time?


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