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AXA Gulf launches new health service


Platform offers patients a chance to acquire a second medical opinion

February 20, 2014 2:51 by

AXA Gulf announced the launch of a new health service for existing and new customers yesterday (Wednesday, February 19) at a press conference in The Address Downtown Dubai.

AXA Sure Health is a unique programme, in association with AXA Assistance, which will offer its customers, or in this context, patients, an opportunity to acquire a second medical opinion through a worldwide network of internationally accredited and highly-qualified specialists that will extend their expertise on specific medical conditions.

As loss ratios across the industry ail beyond a sustainable limit, companies are usually looking at ways to maximise profits and how a company achieves this, of course, differs.

AXA Gulf’s CEO, Jerome Droesch, says: “Companies must start thinking about being more than just a claims handler and we must begin to add value and improve customer experience.”

He continues: “Experts will provide necessary advice as per the medical condition or his/ her diagnosis, but the further course of action is dependent on the patient, as well as the treating doctor. Our objective through this endeavour is to offer a global outreach and expertise to our customers in the Middle East region, and we are confident about its success. Over the years, we have differentiated ourselves through several elements and one of these has been innovation, where we leveraged our strong worldwide resources to lead the game.”

Customers can access AXA Sure Health through their phones or the website, however no details were disclosed regarding the turnaround time. But Droesch does admit that the service will, of course, entail extra costs for customers and that it can be used for obtaining a second medical opinion only once.

Since AXA Global is yet to publish its annual financial reports for 2013, it will be interesting to see the affect that such a service will have on the cost of premiums.



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