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Bad reception

Bad reception

Sharjah Media Corporation is planning to launch yet another TV channel to cover the exciting world of eastern Sharjah. Eva Fernandes is already reaching for the off button on the remote.

April 7, 2011 2:08 by

When Kipp heard about the new TV station for eastern Sharjah SMC is planning to launch, we were taken back to a day in middle school when we learned of a particular girl called Liane, who tragically did not have a TV in her household. Her parents were the sort who believed having a TV in one’s living room is akin to having an open sewer in a bedroom. They believed young people should busy themselves with books and encyclopedias and other ridiculous forms of enlightenment.

We suppose Liane was better off for it, but young Kipp just couldn’t wrap our minds around it. For at the time, TV was the be all and the end all: it was the primary source of entertainment, news, sports and music videos.

Of course, the shock value of our above related anecdote would have little to no impact on the P2P-torrent-downloading-MacBook Pro generation of today- who have never congregated around the TV set with siblings and friends eagerly awaiting the next episode of Sliders.

Well why should they? When they can download seasons upon seasons of their favourite shows (Kipp’s not even going to presume to know what the cool kids are watching these days) and watch it from the comfort of their bedroom.

TV, at least in its most traditional format, is really dead. And local TV? Well, when was the last time you actually watched any local channel?

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  1. gopalkt on April 12, 2011 4:37 pm

    CHANNEL 33!


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