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Bad reception

Bad reception

Sharjah Media Corporation is planning to launch yet another TV channel to cover the exciting world of eastern Sharjah. Eva Fernandes is already reaching for the off button on the remote.


April 7, 2011 2:08 by

This is why Kipp is particularly disappointed that one of the first major announcements to come from the recently launched SMC (it opened just this February) is a TV channel. Especially considering SMC already has Sharjah TV, Sharjah Sports Channel, Sharjah22 Channel in its TV bouquet, along with Sharjah Radio, Sharjah Media Center and Sharjah Media Training Center, we wonder what value will this new TV station add?

Well, to be fair, Kipp hasn’t really considered what the new channel will cover. According to The National the new station will be “focused on Sharjah’s tiny eastern areas, which include Kalba, Dibba al Hisn and Khor Fakkan” and will target “the “niche” market of family-friendly television.” Ahh, yes-the heart-stopping family friendly happening news of Khor Fakkan, Kipp apparently did speak too soon.

Now we aren’t going to expect that Sharjah engage in something completely contrary to its core values, but with a budget of Dh100 million, can you forgive Kipp for being just a little disappointed that the media leaders in this northern Emirate don’t challenge themselves with creating something more relevant and more importantly, in demand?

What more could they deliver, you ask? Well, what about digital TV? Or mobile content? What about content development for convergent media, putting together PCs, mobiles, and TV? With Dhs100million, Kipp’s pretty sure that’s enough to leap the eastern provinces forward.

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  1. gopalkt on April 12, 2011 4:37 pm

    CHANNEL 33!


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