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Banned for good

Banned for good

In its latest bid to improve Saudi schools, the government has banned books that promote extremist views from libraries in the kingdom.

December 3, 2008 1:17 by

Saudi schools are in for some change. Not only did the government announce in October 2008 its plans to invest $3.1 billion to shake-up the education system, but it recently decided to remove all books that promote extremist views.

In a circular sent to all educational departments, Saeed Al Melais, the undersecretary of the education minister informed all schools of a list of books the minister has banned from school libraries and resource centers across the kingdom. The circular also requests that all authorities keep an eye out for books that may preach extremist views.

Saudi Arabia has been combating extremist views in the kingdom for years, although the drive to revamp the school system and to rid libraries of books that preach extremist views is part of the nation’s plan to make its economy a more competitive one.

The government will be training more than 400,000 teachers and giving 50 schools facelifts. It also plans on having at least two schools for boys and girls in each city.

Revamping the kingdom’s curriculum and ridding the nation of extremist views will undoubtedly make Saudi Arabians more attractive employees than they currently are. Perhaps, with the right education, the government’s Saudization initiative may become redundant. –DB

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  1. Ganesh Iyer on December 4, 2008 8:18 am

    At last a very great step towards mankind to curb further the terrorism which has been spoiling the image of religions..great beginning.


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