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Battle of the news channels

Battle of the news channels

Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya and BBC walk into a…how does this story end? YouGov Siraj and Grayling reveals who’s well-liked and who’s Mr. Popular…

March 30, 2011 2:44 by

Overall, 52 percent in the study said Al Jazeera was their most popular news channel and a majority 44 percent agreed it was the most trusted.

Consider however that “TV audiences in the UAE tend to be more fragmented reflecting the demographics and viewing habits of the country,” according to the statement released about the study.

In Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, however much headway BBC World Arabic has gotten in the Kingdom has it landing only in 4th place for most popular news channel just underneath local news channels and right above CNN. Meanwhile, when it comes to trustworthiness BBC World Arabic goes up a place higher to 3rd on the list, with CNN and local news channels following, respectively.

Kipp supposes this disparity in popularity and trustworthiness shows people may be not necessarily subscribe to the style of reporting of some of the network of which they’re already aware.

About the study
The study covered 1,509 respondents in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The full report is available on the Grayling website.

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