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‘Beat the CyberBully’ initiative launched to prevent online abuse

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Campaign aims to educate children and young people through workshops

February 27, 2014 4:01 by

A new initiative was launched in Dubai this week to provide education, awareness and training for children and young people on the subjects of online and mobile usage.

‘Beat the CyberBully’ aims to promote safe, responsible and inspiring online communications through workshops, such as Making Good Choices Online, which is aimed at children, Online Reputation: Maximising Lifestyle and Employability via the Web for young people, and Keep Up With Your Child Online for parents and carers. Private talks can also be arranged for community groups and schools.

According to research by, which was released earlier this year, 81 per cent of young people agree that online harassment is easier to get away with than face-to-face bullying and 80 per cent believes that it’s easier to hide cyber bullying from parents than verbal or physical maltreatments.

At the same time, the study points out that one in four relationships now begins online and 90 per cent of recruiters verify applicants using the internet, with 50 per cent screening out candidates based on information posted online.


To find out more information about the ‘Beat the CyberBully’ campaign, visit or tweet @CyberSafetyUAE



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