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Best career perks in the world

Best career perks in the world

As a hunt begins for great places to work in the UAE, Kipp looks at the perks of the world’s top companies. (Before staring out of the window for a long time)

August 25, 2010 4:50 by

Last week Kipp attended a press event that marked the launch of Great Places to Work in the UAE. The Great Places to Work Institute is “a global research and consultancy firm that recognizes the best workplaces in over 45 countries worldwide.” It is, according to the press pack, the world’s largest annual workplace survey.

The Institute is now launching its Top Companies to Work For program here in the UAE. It’s an annual ranking of the nation’s best employers, which not only gives us UAE professionals a chance to see how green the grass is over the fence, it also helps companies perform better, according to them.

“Our ‘Top Companies to Work For’ program helps companies perform better by understanding their employees and enhancing their workplace experience so that they stay longer and are higher achieving, with a greater level of personal and professional satisfaction,’ explained Dr. Michael Burchell, Partner & Director of Great Place to Work Institute UAE. The Institute publishes similar lists in 39 other markets including Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For (in the US), and lists in association with the Financial Times in the UK, and Nikkei Business in Japan.

Kipp thinks they may be walking into a minefield here in the Middle East, but it did prompt us to think: Which really is the best company to work for in the world? And which has the best perks for staff? Here are some of the best we could find:

Netflix: Unlimited Holidays.

High on the list must be Netflix, a company we reported on just a few weeks back. Netflix has no holiday policy, meaning employees can take as much time off as they like, whenever they like. It also fails to implement a 9 to 5 policy, preferring to judge employees on their work rather than the time they’re at work.

Google: Free time. And a free lunch.

High-tech and Silicon Valley companies are renowned for being great employers. Chief among the (many) perks of working with Google? If you’re an engineer, 20 percent of your time is yours to work on whatever project you like. A great way for the company to stay innovative. Oh, and employees get three free meals.

Cisco: Child care.

Cisco is one of the America’s largest providers of on-site child care, with hundreds of children at their two major child centers. The best bit? Parents can track their kids at any given time via their computers.

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