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Best of the Web: 20 August 2010

Best of the Web: 20 August 2010

How to argue with your boss and win; Why infidelity is linked to income; Ten sneaky marketing tricks; This week’s technology news; The year’s best new inventions.

August 20, 2010 10:17 by

Argue with your boss and win

“Sometimes you have to push back. When you do, go in with your own plan.” It may sound like the tagline from a vigilante action movie, but what we’re really talking about here is work – specifically, how and when to stand up to the boss. Because the fact is, at least once in your career (and maybe often) you will have to push back. As this article points out, engineers at Apple told Steve Jobs that the iPhone 4 had problems, but he didn’t want to hear – that’s just one spectacular example of what can go wrong when professionals in the know don’t take a tough enough stance against the head honcho. So how should you make your point, and more importantly, how can you make sure you both win, and survive? This article has the steps to follow.


Infidelity rises when she makes more than he does

For all those women wielding the financial might in a relationship, listen up. Studies have shown that men who earn much less than their wife or female partner are more likely to cheat. And for men lagging behind, bear in mind that the converse is true: Women that earn more than their partners are more likely to cheat. “The findings suggest that disparities in moneymaking play a significant role in infidelity, at least among the young couples they studied,” says Bloomberg. The theory is the men are more likely to cheat because of “gender identity threat.” At the other end of the scale, people who earn more money probably worked longer. That, combined with the disposable income, made it harder to hide infidelity.


Ten sneaky marketing tricks

Don’t doubt it for a second – they’re a cunning breed, those marketers. This fascinating – and rather scary – article from Business Insider alleges that “A lot of what society considers normal actually originated from a creative mastermind with a large marketing budget.” From imaginary holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Administrative Professionals Day) to diamonds (which Kipp covered last week) and bottled water, marketers have been behind some of the most accepted societal behavior. Check out this list to be a little freaked out.


Ten things we learned today

It seems like every week is a busy week for technology news these days, and this one has been no exception. In fact, in one day you could learn all this: Phones are threatening the PSP, three key Facebook engineers are quitting, and the web is dead (according to Just a few of the learnings offered up by Business Insider in their “10 things” column.


James Dyson Award: the best inventions of 2010

As far as Kipp knew, 2010 still had a while to run, but that doesn’t seem to be a concern for inventor-types. Perhaps they are so busy visualizing the future they think 2010 is already done? The James Dyson Award recognizes the best innovations every year, and this slideshow from the UK’s Daily Telegraph shows some of the winners from 2010. They include a fire fighting car, a plummeting life boat, a wind-powered car, a clever clear fridge and a cunning water purifying bottle. Check out what the best and brightest minds are coming up with across the world.

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