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Best of the Web: 4 June

Best of the Web: 4 June

Complete Guide To All 32 Teams Playing In The World Cup; 8 Ways To Listen To Your Customers; Anti-Israel protests around the world

June 4, 2010 10:57 by

The complete guide to all 32 teams playing in the World Cup

It’s all about football now, and the frenzied build up to the South African World Cup has fans doing their homework. Here’s your complete guide to all the teams, plus a little analysis to get you prepped. The rankings were compiled by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs – not what you’d expect from a financial services giant and a global investment bank. Take a look and see whether the Wall Street financiers know their football.


8 ways to listen to your customers

Listening is a skill. It is active and not passive and involves effort and discipline, psychologists say. When done effectively, and with follow up, it can spell success or failure for business. Your customers and their perceptions ARE your business. And they are your greatest bell weather of impending doom or surefire success. Check out these ways for eliciting their input to your best business advantage.

Bonus track: To get paid on time, be ruthless

Getting paid for services rendered is non-negotiable. But when customers ask you to float their account until they get around to paying, they’re not playing fair. Small business just can’t afford to carry a big ledger of accounts receivable. When clients delay their payments, it costs threatens your business. Here’ how to get clients to pay up.


Gaza aid flotilla attacks: anti-Israel protests around the world

The Israeli raid that killed at least nine this week has sparked worldwide furor over Israel’s handling of the incident. The events have also focused the world’s spotlight on the plight of Gazans. See how concerned citizens across the globe expressed their outrage over the flotilla attacks.


Online deals: Scams or steals?

I admit it, I’m a pushover for those e-mail travel alerts that offer a $199 roundtrip fare to Paris from Beirut. And despite all the times I’ve found the enticing offer to be little more than a confusing teaser, I can’t resist clicking through to see if the newest travel promo is for real.

Check out some advice from the travel pros at the New York Times for savvy tips on how to separate the bargain deal from the bogus offer. Be wary of red flag language like, “up to” 40 percent off or “priced from” just $9.95. These disclaimers are often your first warning that “extra charges may apply.”


Qatar and its Emir

With a GDP per person of nearly $84,000, the citizens of Qatar are some of the world’s wealthiest, blowing their western counterparts out of the water. And they’re not done yet, Qatar’s economy is on track to grow significantly this year, following on the heels of an impressive 10 percent growth last year.

“Behind these figures the government of this little promontory that sticks into the Gulf off the east coast of Saudi Arabia is being careful not to let the bonanza go to its head—as happened down the coast in the overreaching emirate of Dubai,” reports the Economist.

The world’s largest producer and exporter of natural gas is managing very nicely, led by a “dynamic” emir with a progressive foreign policy that has “turned the emirate into a diplomatic hub.” See what’s next for Qatar and its 1.4 million expats.

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