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Best of the Web, April 8th

Best of the Web, April 8th

Honeymoon Couple Survives Six Natural Disasters; Why Google Isn't the New Microsoft; America’s Freedom Packages; 140 Best Twitter Feeds

April 8, 2011 2:20 by

Honeymoon Couple Survives Six Natural Disasters

When Swedish couple Stefan and Erika Svanstrom set out for a trip of a lifetime, surviving six natural disasters back-to-back including flooding in Australia and the devastating 9.0 intensity earthquake and tsunami in Japan wasn’t what they had in mind.

Bring on the Egalitarian Workplace

Ever rooting for the underdog, Kipp loves this idea of “networked organisations” where all employees share the work as more or less equals, and we know we aren’t alone in feeling so inclined. Check out this debate on the need for traditional hierarchies in the work place and let us know how you feel.

Why Google Isn’t the New Microsoft

If Kipp was to extend that headline, we’d add and why that isn’t such a bad thing: after all Microsoft in its heyday held an unbelievably awful monopoly much to the dismay of all computer users. Nonetheless, an interesting read.

America’s Freedom Packages

You are probably wondering why Kipp hasn’t included one of our customary political commentary pieces on the unrest in the Middle East region. Well, it’s because we appreciate that Kippers need a break from reality every now and then, which is why we enjoyed this satirical piece on John Stewart’s shows during which John Oliver presents how America’s freedom packages will turn any country’s civil war into a catastro-tunity. Turn the speakers up!

140 Best Twitter Feeds

If you are new to Twitter you must be wondering who you should be following. @Kipp_Report of course! Oh what’s that? You’re already following us? Then, maybe check out TIME’s list of 140 of the top Tweeps around the world.

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