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Best of the Web: December 10, 2010

Best of the Web: December 10, 2010

Oman in pictures; Wikileaks' 10 greatest stories; How long will Google's magic last?; A futuristic taxi; and Iraq’s rappers.

December 10, 2010 2:42 by

Oman in Pictures

Beautiful, scenic, tranquil, breathtaking – how many more adjectives do we need to use to get you to have a look at this Telegraph slideshow? If you haven’t been to our neighbouring postcard of a country yet, let the blue, blue waters, the plush green gardens and the very rocky-ness of the mountains in this slideshow tempt you to. And when you do get there, think of us stuck in the office…


Wikileaks’ 10 greatest stories

We’ve complained about this before, but the recent releases from Wikileaks have left us just a little bored. But the less than breathtaking revelations making the press shouldn’t necessarily be a reflection on the nature of the Website, according to the Telegraph. In this article, the paper lists Wikilieaks 10 greatest stories (surprisingly, the leaked list of salaries at the National did not make the top ten, though it certainly made ours). So what are some of the best stories leaked? Well, for one thing, in 2008 the site published the collected secret bibles of Scientology, which reveal some shocking aspects of the controversial church of which little was previously known. Advocates of the cul… sorry, church, tried to force the site to take the information down, but were unsuccessful.


How long will Google’s magic last?

Google: it has been one of the giants of the internet, with unsustainable growth and unprecedented online success. For the current generation, it may even seem like there was no internet before Google. But seemingly no one has yet questioned the longevity of the company – until now, that is. For the past week we’ve seen bits and bobs appearing on different news sites with analysts speculating whether or not Google will be around to see the next generation. We think this article from The Economist is the best way to get an understanding of the debate.


A futuristic taxi with global ambitions

The classic yellow taxi is one of the symbols of the big apple, but a new competition is aiming to make that symbol a lot more eco-friendly. The competition, “Taxi of Tomorrow”, aims to find a safe, energy efficient new taxi for New York city. The winner of the competition will be the official taxi of New York for at least 10 years. One of the three finalists of the competition is the Turkish company Karsan’s V1 which, we must admit, is pretty nifty. The car comes equipped with an automated ramp for wheelchairs on both sides, a wide door, a keyboard and Braille communication facility, a glass roof to gaze at the New York skyscrapper and the ability to hold either compressed natural gas or electric engine. Click here to read more.


Iraqi rappers

Turning suffering into art is what many therapist advise their patients, and for these young Iraqi rappers it is a practice they hope they can turn into a profession. Rapping about the pain of the war, these artists have had to overcome some major hurdles to get where they are. Self funded, some of them even learnt English from scratch to be able to perform, because they want to be able to communicate with the West.

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