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Best of the Web: December 17, 2010

Best of the Web: December 17, 2010

Wikileaks: Be Afraid; Turkey and the New Age Silk Route; Envy psychology; Economic Themes for 2011; Oprah, TV networks and cable.

December 17, 2010 10:42 by

WikiLeaks –Be Afraid

Wikileaks, Wikileaks- if you are a little tired of hearing the same old recycled news about the whistle blowing website, this article from The Economist could give you an interesting new perspective on the issue. Titled “Be Afraid,” in it the Economist predicts that we are entering a new phase of transparency in which every company should prepare itself for the possibility of a potential leak. Pretty revolutionary – not to mention scary – stuff when you think about it. Would your company want all its secrets spilled on the internet? Wikileaks has already announced it has five gigabytes of files from a financial institution that is plans to release next year. What if that was your data?


The New Age Silk Route

Like the Middle East, Turkey has long enjoyed excellent trade and commerce in the past thanks to its strategic geographic position, and today is no different. This video and article from CNN takes you into the booming business city that is Gaziantep. “According to the city’s Chamber of Commerce, Gaziantep’s exports increased 156 percent between 2004 and 2009, with many of those goods going to Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia,” says the piece. Economically speaking, the GCC does well – but Turkey could well do better. Read this to find out more.


Envy, jealousy, and all things green

For the most part, the green-eyed monster remains rather dormant in civilized folk, but it can always be depended on to raise its ugly head from time to time. A cause for both concern and interest for psychologists Neils van de Ven, Marcel Zeelenberg and Rik Pieters, all of Tilburg University in The Netherlands. They have concluded that envy exists in two varieties: benign and malicious. And apparently, while successful people may be unaware of benign envy, they’re only too aware when they’re the target of malicious jealousy. This TIMES article explores the measures they take to help ensure you like them. Or, at least, not hate them so much. Wish we’d written it.


ECO 101 for 2011

The financial crisis has made some (not Kipp, of course) very aware of their ignorance in the world of economics. But here’s your chance to get clued up ahead of time, as Business Insider takes us through the economic themes for 2011. The main points? Well, the global cyclical recovery will continue with global growth of 4.4 percent for the year. The currency wars will continue, and the word “austerity” will dominate the year yet again. Sorry, but there it is. Read this article to get informed.


Oprah, TV Networks and Cable

The prevalence of P2P sharing and broadband internet is heralding what some predict to be the death of traditional TV. In such tumultuous times for the medium it may come as a surprise to some that the queen of talk, Oprah Winfrey, is quitting her 25-year-long rein as host of the Opera Winfrey Show to set up an entire cable channel of her own, in conjunction with Discovery. “No one has ever created a whole channel with original programming [like this] from scratch,” says Ron Schneier, chief operating officer of online advertising service MyVideoRights and a former executive at A&E Channel. “It has its share of risks.” Can it work? Read this Bloomberg article to find out.

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