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Best of the Web: February 18, 2011

Best of the Web: February 18, 2011

Cheating, incorporated; The Sad Saga of the Man Who Made Soccer Stars Rich; Why LinkedIn is more valuable than Facebook; Beginner’s guide to international banking.

February 18, 2011 11:32 by

Cheating, incorporated

Maybe it’s Kipp’s youthful naivety, but we’re shocked just how common infidelity seems to be. It’s so common, in fact, that it’s now becoming an industry. This Business Week article gets to the heart of that industry by meeting Noel Biderman (“a lone genius—possibly evil and certainly entrepreneurial”). Noel is behind the website Ashley Madison, which is basically a dating website for want-to-be adulterers. You go to the site, create a profile, and look for other members after no-strings fun. The idea is that your partner is as invested in secrecy as you, so your secret is safe. Is it profitable? With 8.5 million members, 1.3 million of which have paid for something, you bet.


The Sad Saga of the Man Who Made Soccer Stars Rich

If you know anything about football (or ‘soccer’, as people in the wrong like to call it), you’ll remember a man by the name of Jean-Marc Bosman. He’s famous not so much for his footballing skill, as for a court case in which he successfully took on the masters of the game – the all-powerful clubs – and won. As a result of his victory a player out of contract became a free-agent, where previously they had remained more or less the property of a club. As a free agent, they could command far more lucrative salaries, as no transfer fee was involved in acquiring their services. The result was a fundamental change in the finances of the game, and mega-mega-mega rich players. Where is Bosman now? Scraping by on state benefits. This time piece examines his story, and his legacy.


Why LinkedIn is More Valuable than Facebook

Everyone wants in on the social network bandwagon, whether it’s through just a personal profile, a massive corporate investment, or grabbing shares in one of the rumoured IPOs on the horizon. After all, everyone is attracted to a boom. But this blog argues that there is some more value to be taken from the social network world than simply personal involvement or investment opportunities. Specifically, it thinks your business can learn some vital lessons from LinkedIn and how it operates, from data management to effective use of time. See if you agree.


Beginners’ Guide: International banking

Okay, so if you’re reading this, you’re probably already an expat, so this advice might be too late. But it’s still worth checking this article to check you made the right financial decisions when you made your move, particularly when you’re a Brit who has left the UK. From offshore accounts to cash transfers, this article covers the basics. You might need to sign up for an FT account, but it’s free and only takes a second. Well worth it when we’re talking about your life savings, don’t you think?


England Finds 2012 Olympics Don’t Spur Exercise

When London won the Olympics, it vowed to get 2 million Brits exercising. Unfortunately, they didn’t reckon on the fact that Brits prefer to sit around eating crisps and watching Eastenders. So “with the Games in less than 18 months, that commitment now resembles a wheezing jogger, bent over and winded from a New Year’s resolution whose ambition could not be matched by exertion,” says the New York Times. Read this article to discover some of the challenges of creating and Olympic legacy, and to make yourselves feel far more sporty than a country full of people whose only exercise is getting a drink during the adverts of X-Factor.

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