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Best of the Web: January 21, 2011

Best of the Web: January 21, 2011

10 Top Dead Or Dying Career Paths; Dubai Finances: Debt forgetfulness; Facebook Privacy; How Truthful Must CEO Steve Jobs Be?

January 21, 2011 1:04 by

10 Top Dead Or Dying Career Paths

As technology progresses, economies slow down and time just passes, there are some jobs and careers that become obsolete. And though we’ve heard with fascination about the jobs of yesteryear like the pinsetter (the man who sets the bowling pins up after they’ve been bowled down), we are rather enthralled with the thought that many of the jobs that are being carried out now are either on their way out or are already irrelevant. That’s why we recommend a flick through Forbes‘ slide show of ‘The 10 Top Dead or Dying Career Paths.’ A sneak preview? Photo processors: Kipp’s hasn’t really given too much of a though to them before, but the rise of the digital cameras has definitely had a very ‘negative’ (see what we did there?) impact on photo developers across the world. According to Forbes, experts are predicting a 24 percent decline by 2018.


Dubai in The Economist

The Economist has a special feature on Dubai out this week. So do you want the good news first? Ok, well the good news is the economy is picking up, trade is improving, and tourists are flocking down here in the numbers… And now the inevitable bad news: debt. A lot of debt. And no one really knows the extent of the debt (let’s not forget the numerous private companies whose figures aren’t public). Nor do we know how Dubai is going to pay it all back; after all, with a few of Abu Dhabi’s leading property companies in trouble, The Economist isn’t alone in speculating that Dubai can no longer rely on its richer brother to keep on bailing it out. We don’t want to ruin it for you, so we suggest you read for youself.


Twitter, Wikileaks and the Broken Market for Consumer Privacy

If the headline of this article from Time, ‘Twitter, Wikileaks and the Broken Market for Consumer Privacy’, doesn’t pique your interest, Kipp thinks there is little that we can do to help you. Perhaps if we tell you that US federal prosecutors obtained a secret order instructing Twitter to hand over Julian Assange and four other Wikileaks associates’ private account details including their network addresses, connections, logs, credit card information, and identities. Well Twitter fought off the gag order, but the event does throw an interesting, if unsettling, light on the role of privacy and the not so private social networking sites.


Facebook Privacy

Speaking of privacy and social networking websites, Kipp recommends this guide to becoming ultimately invisible on Facebook. If you want to be inaccessible to Google searches, other sites that try to find out your interests, and just any nosy people you’d prefer to avoid, have a look at this slideshow now.


How Truthful Must CEO Steve Jobs Be?

And while you may feel like you have a complete right to high privacy settings on Facebook – to what extent do you think those in the public sphere have a right to their privacy? Take for instance the recent announcement of Steve Jobs, who is taking sick leave from Apple. Ethically speaking, is Jobs obligated to disclose to stakeholders what precisely is going on with his health? That is the content of this BusinessWeek article, in which ethics columnist Bruce Weinstein weighs the argument that Jobs should be transparent about his health issues.

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