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Best of the Web: January 28, 2011

Best of the Web: January 28, 2011

The world's coolest nationalities: Where do you rank? Video Game Piracy; Top 10 Historically Misleading Films; 8 Google Products Larry Page Should Kill; Another Arab regime under threat.

January 28, 2011 4:08 by

The world’s coolest nationalities: Where do you rank?

Far be it from Kipp to endorse racial stereotyping (we have an excellent track record when it comes to racism), but we thought this Russell-Peter-esque list of the coolest nationalities amusing to say the least, if only because of the surprise nations that creep into the mix. Can you guess which country is the coolest? And did the UAE make the list? Well no, obviously, but still it’s a fun read. And for all you expats out there, a good opportunity to secure bragging rights.

Another Arab regime under threat

When Kipp was reading up on the developments of the ongoing protests in Egypt, thinking about the prospects, a shiver ran up our spine – and we are not alone. The mass protests (which are unprecedented in Egypt’s recent history) have analysts all around the table speculating where the country is headed. This is what The Economist thinks will happen. And they’re all very smart, so read up for an educated opinion.

8 Google Products Larry Page Should Kill

Come April 4th Google has a new CEO. So what changes will Larry Page make when he assumes the office currently inhabited by Eric Schmidt? We’re not too sure, but here is BusinessInsider’s pick of the top products Google should kill outright. Sneak preview of the eight named projects? Well obviously Google’s failed attempts at social networks, like Orkut, and the barely heard of Google Buzz. Innovate, don’t replicate!

Top 10 Historically Misleading Films

The King’s Speech maybe the biggest winner of the Oscar nominations, but as far getting brownie points with the historical critics goes, the film falls pretty short. What is the snooty smart-behinds’ beef? Well, factual inaccuracies apparently. But then as historical dramas go, the King’s Speech is far from alone in the list of various misleading or inaccurate movies: let this slideshow illustrate the very worst offenders.

Video Game Piracy

“There’s definitely a step change coming and you see it in various countries around the world. I think perhaps there’s been a ‘heyday of piracy’ and we’ve now seen a lot of rules come in to stop it,” says Nintendo UK general manager David Yarnton. So is video games piracy – an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly billions – a thing of the past, or is that just wishful thinking? Read on to find out if you’ll have to be buying the genuine article from now on.

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