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Best of the Web: January 7, 2011

Best of the Web: January 7, 2011

Daddy Bonus; Managing Idea Monkeys; Fire Yourself for Business; The Recession and The Pursuit of Happiness; The Business of Online Dating.

January 7, 2011 11:36 by


This article highlights an interesting development in the study of gender inequalities at the workplace. The latest finding is that men who are fathers tend to get paid more than others. Michelle Budig, associate professor of sociology, and Melissa Hodges a Ph.D. candidate, both at University of Massachusetts in Amherst, found that “the salary difference was not because the guys worked harder or were more experienced. It was because they were fathers.” But of course there are specific criteria for the rule to work. For starters the men would have to be married – there is no ‘baby-daddy-bonus’ as TIME points out. Read this article to find out more.


The pursuit of Happiness and the recession

Is there a silver lining to the recession? Not really, if you read this article. LA Times columnist Gregory Rodriguez disagrees with the culture critics who said that the recession would provide us a chance to become less consumerist and more human. Disagrees, why? Because he says so much of our happiness is wrapped up in the pursuit of happiness itself. So though we may complain about having to scramble through the rat race and fight off the competition, essentially we find it satisfying. Because Kipp’s feeling just a little more snarky that usual, we recommend you get your weekend fix of cynicism from this article.


The Business of Online Dating

Did you know that Julian Assange (no wait, this isn’t another Assange article) supposedly registered on various online dating sites under the name of Harry Harrison? Yes, well Kipp didn’t either till we read this article on the business of online dating from The Economist. If you were under the impression that online dating is the last resort of a few desperate lonely individuals than you are clearly behind the times. Though the industry may have started out like that things have taken a turn for the better. In fact ComScore, a research firm, saying US Dating site Zoosk had a little less than 5 million visitors to its site in November 2010 alone, which has all kinds of business implications when you think about it. For more on the ever-growing business of online dating click here.


The Ringleader and The Idea Monkey

If you find yourself managing very creative people who tend to get bored a lot more easily than you’d prefer, chances you are managing a bunch of Idea Monkeys (which also makes you the Ringleader). Though your Idea Monkeys may be responsible for some pretty nifty work, their inability to stay focused might leave you apprehensive if not frustrated. But worry not! For here are Bloomsberg’s top tips on how to manage your Idea Monkeys.


Fire yourself!

Without perspective life is a stagnant cesspool of decay. Ever felt your business is a stagnant cesspool of decay? Chances are it is because your business lacks perspective (hey even Kipp is allowed a bit of simplistic reasoning from time to time). So what is the first step to getting some fresh perspective? Forbes says it is to fire yourself. Confused? Forbes explains ‘First, take a deep breath and fire yourself. That’s right – take yourself out of your job so that you’ll get some distance from it.’ Assessing the quality of your business with the understanding that you are not attached to it can do miracles for it. Read on for more.



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