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Best of the Web, March 25

Best of the Web, March 25

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor; Is the Libya War Working?; The cost of calamity in Japan; 7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Time On Right Now

March 25, 2011 8:19 by

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

If you look past all the bitter cynicism, you’d know Kipp is just a sentimental old fool at heart; and as we heard of the unfortunate news of 2 time Academy Award winner Elizabeth Taylor’s death we couldn’t help but read up and flick through all of the slideshows that popped up all over the web in two days. Here is our selection of two of the best: first a photo-essay titled Elizabeth Taylor’s Iconic Life In Photographs and another one titled The Many Marriages of Elizabeth Taylor focusing on Taylor’s eight marriages to seven different men.


Is the Libya War Working?

As we enter the second week during which the US and its allies attack Libyan ground troops-Kipp is curious about how successful are the attacks? If you are also wondering here is an interesting read from Max Boot, George Friedman, and others analysts on the issue..


The cost of calamity

This insightful analysis from The Economist asks a simple but prudent question: “The economic impact of natural disasters is often short-lived. Will this be the case in Japan?” Read on for more


9 Companies With Products Whose Demand Beats Their Supply

If you are as tired as Kipp is of doomsday talk about how the markets have been scarred for life by the big bad recession, then you’d be as pleased as we were to flick through this slide show of the nine products whose demand has surpassed its supply. From Johnson and Johnson baby oil to luxury BMW’s it’s as unlikely a list as it is entertaining.


7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Time On Right Now

OK, maybe Kipp shouldn’t be sending this to you during the weekend- but book mark some of these websites for a slow day at work. This quirky list from Huffington Post features a list of websites (that Kipp will admit delayed us significantly from compiling this list of Best Of the Web); featuring a website that features animals dressed like other animals and movie plot lines if they were played backwards. Fascinating stuff.

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