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Best of the Web: March 4, 2011

Best of the Web: March 4, 2011

Oscars’ Red Carpet; Middle East: Dictators v. Despots; Checking out job applicants on Facebook? Better ask a lawyer; Apple iPad 2 Event; The One Country That's LOVING The Middle East Crisis.

March 4, 2011 3:38 by

Oscars’ Red Carpet

Did you get a chance to catch the Oscars last Sunday (it was actually Monday for us in Dubai)? Kipp didn’t. Well we managed to catch the ending, which we are not too sad about given the few minutes of forced stiffness we saw from Oscar hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco. And though Kipp couldn’t catch the actual ceremony, we’ve made up plenty by catching up on post-Oscars commentary. And if you are like Kipp we recommend this article from the New York Times to satisfy any pangs you feel now that the star studded event is behind us. Ladies – look at the pretty dresses! Guys – look at the pretty women!


Understanding Today’s Middle East: Dictators v. Despots

The Middle East and North Africa has been riddled with protests and demonstrations. Yet, only in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya does serious reform seem to be occurring (well not quite yet in Libya, but analysts and Kipp think it won’t be long before they do). So what is it? What determines whether a country will be affected by the protests or not? Forbes says it all lies in the question of whether the country is ruled by dictators or despots. What is more, there are four factors pivotal to predicting the outcome of a revolt: “the structure of the regime (is it purely authoritarian without even the pretense of democracy?); the army (is it strong and loyal to the leader?); the general population (do they fear the regime and believe its rhetoric?); and influential groups (in the Middle East, for example, do powerful tribes support the regime?).” Interested? Read this article for more.


Checking out job applicants on Facebook? Better ask a lawyer

Social media has been an excellent platform for organizing the protests in the Arab World, but it is also used by potential employers. Kipp has written several times prior to this of the dangers of being too public and personal on your Facebook page, because we have warned that employers have taken to the web to find out more about what their potential employees get up to after work hours. But could there be legal implications for an employer that pries into his employee’s social media persona? It is a tricky question and though this piece is US-specific, it does raise some interesting points about the discussion that could possibly set a precedent and become the future for us here in the Emirates.


Steve Jobs Appears at Apple iPad 2 Event

Kipp isn’t rich enough to afford an iPad; let alone an iPad 2. But what with the launch of the iPad 2 we are just a little curious about what the new tablet is like. Because we aren’t going to get our greedy paws on the iPad 2 anytime soon, we will have to rely on this article from ABC about the launch of the iPad 2. And while we’re on the subject, check out this little innovation on the all new tablet. Very clever.


Guess The One Country That’s LOVING The Crisis In The Middle East

The crisis in the Middle East has serious political, economic and social implications for people all over the world. For one thing, the disruption of the production and output of oil from Libya has led to an increase in oil prices; which in turn has led to yet another increase in food prices. Can you imagine what would happen if protests were to become a lot more serious in Saudi Arabia? It would be bad news for all, thinks Kipp. But there is one place in the world that is most positively benefitting from the crisis in the Middle East. Can you guess which one it is? Kipp is not going to spoil it for you. Read this article to find out.

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