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Best of the Web: November 19, 2010

Dubai’s Solid 24-gold carat tattoos; How do consumers use the iPad?; Hollywood’s top 10 highest earning women; Understanding smartphones for the business mind.

November 19, 2010 11:12 by

Solid 24-gold carat tattoos (only in Dubai, of course!)
Dubai has yet another reason to be classified as the City of Bling: 24-carat gold tattoos. Horrendously gaudy though they may sound, have a look at this video and you might just change your mind. The tattos, that can be designed in gold, platinum, and accented with diamonds, are actually delicate and rather ornate.


Geo-engineering and Global Warming
If you are as sick of hearing the same old guilt-inducing warnings of global warming as Kipp is, chances are you will be interested in reading this article about a new attempt to mitigate the problem through geo-engineering. What exactly is geo-engineering, you ask? According to TIME, it is “the deliberate modification of the environment to suit human needs.” In the case of global warming, Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures will pump sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere through a 25-km-long pipe suspended by high-altitude balloons. The cloud of sulfur dioxide will then help reduce the sunlight reaching the surface of the earth. Pretty nifty, huh?


Understanding Smart Phones for the Businesses Mind
Smart phones are all the rage right now and that means they should be all the rage for businesses too. But what is the best way to ensure your business is capitalizing on the new phenomenon? Inventiveness, says Steve McKee, president of McKee Wallwork Cleveland and author of When Growth Stalls. Instead of investing thousands and thousands on R&D department, Mckee says you should personally try to get a better understanding of smart phones and how they are affecting your particular industry. The first step: get a smart phone: “Make sure you have, and use, a smartphone. The single best way to understand mobile as a medium is to use it. After all, most of us who use texting didn’t set out to use texting; we simply received a text message and had to figure out how to respond. We came to understand the Internet in much the same way.”


Hollywood’s top 10 highest earning women
No matter how much we see of it, there can be no denying the universal fascination with power, money and fame—which is what makes Forbes’ list of the top 10 highest earning women one of our picks this week. And, given Forbes’ obsession with Oprah, it comes as no surprise that she tops the list with $315 million and her empire in the world of media, including a TV show, magazine, radio channel and a production company all to her name.


How do consumers use the iPad?
• Safari, the web browser, is the iPad’s most important app.
• Most people say they are using the iPad MORE now than when they first got it
• Almost half of the iPad owners surveyed have the 3G model, which lets them connect from anywhere.
These are just three of the findings that Business Insider uncovered when they surveyed 500 iPad owners. As technology goes, iPad is still a relatively new invention and understanding how consumers are utilizing it can be highly beneficial for businesses trying to jump on the tablet bandwagon. For more read this article.

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