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Best of the Web: October 15, 2010

Best of the Web: October 15, 2010

Inside The World's First Billion-Dollar Home; Facebook Fans Vs. Twitter Followers: Which Are More Valuable?; The 13 Careers Where You’re Most Likely to Commit Suicide.

October 15, 2010 11:15 by

world’s most expensive home in construction

Mumbai is playing host to one of India’s most expensive constructions yet. Antilla, the $2 billion, 27 storey building, isn’t complete yet, but images released are nothing short of breath taking. From a ballroom fit to be on the Titanic (the ceiling of which is covered 80 percent in crystal chandeliers), to the finest of silk woven traditional rugs that carpet the lounge, the Antilla is definitely set to impress its guests. But if you were thinking of booking a room, we’re sorry – we should have been more clear. When we said guests we meant the guests that the Ambani family will have to stay with them in their home once completed. This decadent display of wealth is the “humble abode” of petrochemicals giant Reliance Industries’ head Mukesh Ambani.


The Facebook Twitter faceoff

Ah, the age-old question. Well, maybe not age-old. But Kipp has often heard queries from those entering the social media world who wonder whether they should set up a Facebook or a Twitter page (yes, we are shocked that there still are some who don’t have either). In essence, one could be inclined to argue that the two are so wholly different that no real comparison could be made. But apparently it can be, and it has been. Forbes investigates what the potential returns can be for a business deciding to invest in the realm of social media. The findings? According to a Forrester study “Twitter followers may have the potential to be more valuable than Facebook fans in the future.”


Work till you drop

It turns out that work woes escape no one, not even musicians. In the very poetic ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’ Harry McClintock sings about the fictional paradise that he is escaping to live in. The aforementioned big rock candy mountain is a place where trees are full of fruit, the barns are full of hay, but most importantly it is a place ‘(w)here you sleep all day, where they hung the jerk that invented work.’ Or how about Dolly Parton’s movie-titled track that chimes along ‘Working nine to five, what a way to make a living; barely getting by, it’s all taking and no giving…it’s enough to drive you crazy, if you let it.’

Well Dolly, you weren’t wrong, but recent research shows that some jobs are statistically worse than others. Check out this list of the professions that are most likely to end in suicide and we guarantee you are going to be surprised by the most fatal profession.


Anagram this

If you are fascinated by nifty mystery movies or even by regular crossword puzzles then have a look at this article that explores the new form of steganography in the cyber world. Steganography, if you did not know, is the art of transmitting secret coded message by using no apparent code. Unlike encryption, which makes it obvious that a message is in a code, steganography relies on breaking a message into smaller message which act like clues. How does this translate into the cyber world? The Economist says one way steganographers escape detection is by “by dividing the message into pieces, and then hiding these in electronic files posted to public websites, such as Flickr, Twitter and YouTube.” Cool.


Vamping up fast food

One of the oldest McDonald’s in Dubai, the branch at the Crowne Plaza on Sheikh Zayed Road, just off the Emirates Towers metro station, is best known for its classy décor. Kipp never thought we’d be using the word classy and McDonald’s in the same sentence, but the result is probably due to a very clever business strategy. Ditching their fluorescent tube lights for low lighting and their neon plastic chairs for fashionable minimal couches, McDonald’s provides an atmosphere that is stylish and more importantly relevantly up to date. Yet what does this mean for other burger joints? Bloomberg takes a closer look into the business of fast food interior design and comes to an interesting conclusion.


Hunger levels on the increase

And while some may be building ivory towers to scrape the sun, the majority of the world remains struggling to make ends meet. This article takes a look at the hunger levels of the bottom billion through the use of a hunger world map, which proves to be an interesting means for comparison. This map considers how the levels of poverty have increased since 1990 by considering the proportion of people who are undernourished, the proportion of children fewer than five who are underweight, and the child mortality rate.

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