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Best of the Web: October 8, 2010

Best of the Web: October 8, 2010

World's weirdest X-rays; Heavy-lifting balloons (aka flying saucers); The Open Internet Guy; The 10 Most Glaring Lies In ‘The Social Network’; Kuwaiti kid's iPhone app hits 900,000 downloads.

October 8, 2010 3:13 by

World’s weirdest X-ray

Depending which way you see things, you may either consider this link as extremely terrifying or extremely funny. Either way, it is intriguing, just as a slideshow of X-rays of the strangest predicaments always is. From the understandable instance of a fork unfortunately lodged into the base of a foot to the less comprehensible X-Ray of a set of cutlery happily resting in a person’s pelvis, this might just be one of the strangest slideshows Kipp’s seen in a while.


The Open Internet Guy

Did you know that when AT&T Bell Labs invented the telephone answering machine in 1934, it was kept a secret because the company was afraid people would stop using their phones and rely solely on the machines? Well, Kipp didn’t either. But this is Professor Tim Wu’s area of interest. His latest book on the Internet discusses how ‘’early idealism and openness turned to corporate consolidation [which] in turn, quashed innovation, and silenced multiple voices in favor of a few.” Forbes takes a riveting look at the work and remarkable world of Professor Wu.


Heavy-lifting balloons. Flying saucers

What if we told you the experts have developed a big disc-like balloon that can carry heavy loads? Is the geek in you enthralled? Does the phrase “Beam Me Up Scotty” come to mind? An Australian aeronautical firm, Skylifter, says it has found the perfect solution to carrying heavy loads. Skylifter’s disc like balloon can carry loads of up to 150 tonnes over distances as great as 2,000km, and because the balloon is shaped like a disc, it is “directionless” which means it is unaffected by the direction of the wind. This interesting article from the Economist breaks down the new technology that has floated into the market. Sorry.


The 10 Most Glaring Lies In “The Social Network”

The Social Network—one of the most highly awaited films of the year – is out in the US and hopefully here soon. Like every bio-flick, you’ll probably leave the cinema with questions of how close the projections are to real life. A quick Google and trip to the trivia section of IMDB later, and you end up feeling betrayed with your heart broken (like you did when you realized that John Nash’s wife really did divorce him, unlike the stellar marriage depicted on the silver screen in A Beautiful Mind.) This Business Insider article highlights ten of the most obvious, shall we say, oversights in the making of the film. If you’ve seen The Social Network this article will at least put your mind at ease and if you haven’t it will allow you to come off as the condescending know-it-all all your friends know and love you for.


Kuwaiti kid’s iPhone app hits 900,000 downloads

Child prodigies: fascinating, brilliant, tiny, and – if we are forced to admit – the source of just a smidgen of jealousy. In this article CNN takes a closer look at Abdulrahman Alzanki, a Kuwaiti 14 year old who has been in the headlines for his propensity for creating iPhone apps. Most notably, his game Doodle Destroy has received almost a million downloads. Speaking to CNN, Abdulrahman Alzanki says, “I had a lot of negative reviews at first, but now they’re mostly positive. The reviews have been really encouraging.” Repeat after Kipp” I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I am n…

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