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Best of the Web: September 17, 2010

Best of the Web: September 17, 2010

Here's How Facebook Places Will Change Your Business; 12 Places To Go If The World Goes To Hell; What Your Cell Phone Could Be Telling the Government.

September 17, 2010 1:29 by

Here’s How Facebook Places Will Change Your Business

You could never accuse the Middle East, the Gulf, or even the UAE of being forward thinking when it comes to technology. It’s only with the threatened competition between Du and Etisalat that we are finally seeing a reasonably priced broadband proposition, for instance, and with the proposed BlackBerry ban we’ll be taking a giant leap backwards. So it could be a while before Facebook Places, the eponymous social networking site’s new location-based technology, is available in our neck of the woods. When it is, however, it’s going to be big news. Not just for social minded individuals, whose every move could be tracked, but for businesses too. As this article from Business Insider explains, local merchants and small businesses will get more mentions, whether they like it or not. Facebook will create pages for businesses whether prompted or not, so you’d do well to claim yours. In return, you’ll be able to advertise to people in the vicinity, and people will be able to see if friends have been to your business. It may be a way off here in the Middle East, but when it comes, make sure you are prepared.


12 Places To Go If The World Goes To Hell

We should all have a plan, says this Business Insider, including for the breakdown of society as we know it. Yes we know, not exactly a cheery thought, but Insider redeems itself with this proactive slide show of places you’d want to be if the civilized world slips into the abyss. From Chang Mai to Denver (yes, Denver. Easy to defend, apparently, and should be wonderful once global warming kicks in), these are the places best suited for survival in the event of war or ecological disaster. We like the idea of begging a stay at Richard Branson’s luxurious Necker Island, but we’re not sure the advice for Yukon, in western Canada, is thorough enough (‘Bring a warm coat and watch out for bears’).


What Your Cell Phone Could Be Telling the Government

We’re never ones to encourage paranoia or conspiracy theories, but it turns out they are probably following you and they are out to get you. Seriously. It may not be a gang of clandestine black-ops super-spies running around neutralizing targets anywhere, but it turns out that governments could well be tracking our every move. And it’s all thanks to your mobile phone. This Time Magazine article points out that, “When you carry a cell phone, it is constantly sending signals about where you are. It ‘pings’ nearby cell-phone towers about every seven seconds so it can be ready to make and receive calls. When it does, the phone is also telling the company that owns the towers where you are at that moment — data the company then stores away indefinitely.” If governments can get access to that data (which they can) they can know where you are and where you have been. All. The. Time.


What Kids Should Know About Money At 9, 13, 18 and 23

Kipp’s parents didn’t teach us much about money. Partly because we didn’t have much, but mainly because we were terribly behaved, never listened and got easily distracted… sorry, where were we? Oh yes, money. This article in Time gives advice on what your child should know about money, when they should know it and how they could be taught. From the principles of charity and saving for something better later on (age 9) to the risk of minimum credit card payments (aged 18), this makes some smart points and is well worth a read – what you teach them about their cash will hold them in good stead all their lives, if you do it right.


Khalid AlQasimi: Fashioning himself a bright future

If someone mentioned to you an Emirati fashion designer, you’d probably envision a small boutique in an upmarket mall someplace, and glittering, sequined abayas in the window. What you might not expect is an upcoming superstar of global fashion who has wowed critics in London and Paris with his architecturally inspired designs. Khalid AlQasimi’s creations have been showcased by some of the world’s top models, and he only established his fashion label two years ago. CNN spoke to him.

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