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Best of the web:21 May

Best of the web:21 May

Dubai World debt analysis: the end in sight?; The 9-year-old Microsoft genius; Google TV: What Does It Mean for Advertisers?; Qatar pitches cool World Cup bid; Your Brand Is a Verb, Not a Noun

May 21, 2010 2:35 by

Dubai World debt analysis: the end in sight?

So, is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?” – asks the Financial Times, as Dubai World said this week it reached an initial deal with creditors in a little outstanding matter of around $14.5 billion in debt.

So, whether this is this is the beginning or the end depends on the way you look at it: Dubai World debt is a big piece of a really big pie.

“Dubai World accounts for the largest and most troublesome aspect of Dubai’s $109bn debt pile, so progress is invaluable to the emirate as it seeks to recover from the 18-month recession that followed the bursting of its property bubble,” contends the Financial Times.

With a hefty dose of financial savvy, the company is creatively catering to the particular priorities of different lenders, with different package offerings to settle accounts. But regardless of how they slice it, “the size of the cake remains the same.”

And, there is some fancy footwork yet to do.

“The coordinating committee –which accounts for 60 per cent of the value of the debt – will now try to persuade the other 90 banks to sign up to the deal,” the story added.


The 9-year-old Microsoft genius

Child prodigy, 9-year old Marco Calasan is the youngest Microsoft systems engineer in the world, with a number of professional credits to his very impressive resume.

CNN caught up with the whiz-kid in his dilapidated classroom in the Blaze Koneski public school in Macedonia, where the computer genius takes reporters on a tour of his school and its computer facilities.

“With knowledge, everything is possible,” the boy says, as he goes on to give a detailed explanation of IPTV – and his service to stream high quality video throughout Macedonia.


Google TV: What Does It Mean for Advertisers?

What do you get when you fill a Sony TV, with an Intel processor, lots of Google software, and the company’s Chrome Web browser? One very smart TV, of course.

Google TV is a new frontier in interactivity, where web surfing meets TV viewing, much to the delight of advertisers everywhere. Google technology turns the television screen into a giant monitor for internet browsing.

“A telecast of a sporting event can be shrunk into a small “picture-in-picture” box so a viewer can look at statistics or other material about the game on TV,“the Telegraph reported.

And the business end for Google? Combine TV viewing with internet surfing so that viewers will ultimately engage with more advertising. By the way, the company generated nearly $24 billion in revenue last year, mostly from internet ads displayed on computer screens,” the Telegraph added.


Qatar pitches cool World Cup bid

At the Sport-Accord held last month in Dubai, Qatar revealed it was lobbying to host the soccer World Cup in 2022.

A hot desert country, with strict codes of behavior and dress, stringent rules on consumption and sale of alcohol, and 40 degree Celsius summer temperatures wants to host the World Cup?, the BBC wonders.

Qatar’s reaction to the naysayers? “We have a plan for that!” In fact, Qatar has lots of plans.

1. Infamous weather plan: “cooling technology for the stadiums that will, among other things, blow cool air over the ankles and necks of spectators.”

2. Entertainment plan: Alcohol friendly fan-zones, exclusive to the event.

3. Dress code plan: a bikini by the hotel pool is cool.


Your Brand Is a Verb, Not a Noun

Are you planning for a small business? You got a brand in mind?.

Marketers know that  building a brand is no easy task.  Brands are works in progress, constantly evolving, changing.  If you’re keen to build a brand with staying power, consider these tips from Bloomberg’s Business.

1. Find the right audience, it’s not one size-fits-all when branding your product or service.

2. After you’ve launched, be aware of audience reaction (Hint: this is where social media comes in handy).

3. “Like Apple, the master of all brands, fulfill, surprise, delight, and repeat,” Bloomberg says.

For more tips on engaging your audience to a profitable end, check out this story.

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