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Big brother in the Smart city

Big brother

Landlords now have three months to install CCTV cameras on their properties

September 1, 2014 12:27 by

Property owners in the city are expected to install CCTV cameras within the next three months or pay a fine, according to Dubai Police.

Owners of buildings, residential or commercial, as well as villa complexes, will have to install the cameras in line with specifications set out by Dubai Police. These include:

1. Cameras must be in a fixed position
2. Cameras must have clear field of vision for all entering or exiting a property
3. Lobby areas must have CCTV cameras
4. All entry and exit points, including emergency exits, must be covered
5. Cameras must be able to store footage for a minimum of one month
6. Landlords must use one of 650 approved companies to install the CCTV cameras

In addition, parking lots must have security cameras installed that are capable of capturing licence plate details.

Director of the protection systems department at Dubai Police, Major Arif Al Janahi, said: “Landlords of 25,000 buildings still have to install surveillance cameras and security systems in their buildings. We have given them a grace period of three months, which began on August 26.”

While this news may have many feeling even more secure in an already safe country, others are left wondering, are we taking it a smidge too far?

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