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Big Data Storage: Five ‘Must-haves’ for Middle East Enterprises

To take complete advantage of big data, Middle East enterprises must take a holistic approach and transform their view of storage from a 'data destination' to a 'data platform' says George DeBono, General Manager, Middle East & Africa at Red Hat

February 24, 2013 1:07 by

4. Provide global accessibility of data

Before big data, figuring out how to improve data access for globally-distributed users presented a significant challenge to IT organizations. Now, the data itself has become globally distributed, transforming the IT challenge into one of making it readily available to users and applications across the global enterprise.

A centralized approach to data management is no longer workable in the age of big data. Data volumes are too large, WAN bandwidth is too limited, and the consequences of a single point of failure are too costly. A big data storage platform must be able to manage data that is distributed across the global enterprise as a single, unified pool.

5. Protect and maintain the availability of data

Conventional storage systems have historically relied on hardware redundancy and external backups to reduce failures and increase data availability. The sheer size and decentralized nature of big data renders a hardware or backup-dependent strategy too cost-prohibitive and inflexible to implement.

Rather than seeking to protect against failure through the use of proprietary, enterprise-grade hardware, a big data storage platform must assume that hardware failure is inevitable and offer data availability and integrity through intelligent software.

Big data holds great promise for the modern enterprise. Yet it comes with a unique set of requirements that place it well beyond the reach of traditional NAS and SAN storage systems. A data storage platform designed with the realities of big data in mind is critical for companies. Without taking steps to transition to a robust and capable data storage platform, efforts to extract value from big data will no doubt be hindered by technical and logistical challenges.

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