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BlackBerry: A global view

BlackBerry: A global view

Believe it or not, the UAE and Saudi are not the only countries grappling with the BlackBerry issue. Here’s an overview of BlackBerry concerns across the globe.


August 8, 2010 2:16 by

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is facing demands for access to its encrypted data in some of its fastest-growing markets.

RIM’s encrypted traffic is delivered through its network operating centres, based mostly in Canada, though corporate clients can choose to host their BlackBerry Enterprise Servers elsewhere. RIM says it cannot access data sent via its devices.

RIM does not give usage numbers by region, but research firm Gartner estimates that, of 10.55 million BlackBerry devices shipped in the last quarter, 1.4 percent went to the Middle East and Africa, 7.6 percent to Asia and 9.5 percent to Latin America. North America took more than half and more than a quarter went to Western Europe.

Below is a factbox showing how different governments have dealt with concerns raised by BlackBerry’s encrypted data:

Security officials in India, the fastest-growing wireless market in the world, warned the service would be halted if the company failed to meet its concerns, a newspaper reported.
An Indian government source told Reuters that RIM had proposed to share some details of its BlackBerry services but security agencies were demanding full access to a messaging service it fears could be misused by militants.
Indian security agencies suspect militants used Blackberry services to plan a 2008 Mumbai attack in which 166 people died.
3G wireless networks due in late 2010 or early 2011 are expected to boost interest in BlackBerry devices, which are offered by most leading mobile operators and number one million. India already has one mobile connection for every two of its 1.2 billion people and adds 16 million new subscribers a month.

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