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BlackBerry Curve 8900 vs BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

Two BlackBerrys, each promising to keep your ‘fingers on the pulse’. But which might tempt Kipp’s team to part with its hard earned cash?

BlackBerry Curve 8900


After years of using Nokias and Sony Ericssons, getting used to a new operating system took Kipp some time. It appears, however, the makers of the venerable BlackBerry had the average tech-moron in mind when they created their little devils. The Curve, like other BlackBerrys, is easy is to navigate. What makes it especially simple are the icons and the mouse. We love that mouse.

However, we couldn’t get used to the hassle of writing an SMS. Although it should be easier with a full keyboard, it wasn’t. You can forget about using one hand to write an SMS; it’s practically impossible. Score: 7


It’s easy enough to receive emails. You can ask your IT-guru to hook you up, and bam! You’re good to go. You can read your emails anywhere, it’s beautiful… at first. Eventually, your boss finds out about our new Curve and expects you to respond to emails from, well, anywhere. And the emails don’t stop coming.

As for writing emails, it’s incredibly easy to get a lengthy email written with that keyboard. We were able to master it in a couple of days. Score: 8

Putting you ‘in the loop’

With the Curve in hand, we had access to the latest information on Dubai’s business news. If every member of Kipp’s team had a Curve, we’d be giving your around the clock updates on the websites.

But that’s precisely the problem. The Curve brought work into our homes, our cars, our beds, everywhere. There was no escaping it. And we couldn’t stop ourselves from looking. Our minds were thinking about news incessantly.

As the product’s description states “You can keep your finger on the pulse” with the Curve. But it was making our pulse quick and irregular with the stress of work.

But that’s the problem with all BlackBerrys, isn’t it?

Anyway, whether we liked it or not, the device kept us in the loop. Score: 10

Overall look

The Curve is a beauty, there’s no doubt about it. It looks professional, compact and very smart. It’s like an acrobatic intellectual. The fact that the device is curved at the back didn’t make a jot of difference. Score: 9

Final Score: 34


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