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Bling it on: 12 of the weirdest bedazzled products

When Kipp heard of the rather popular 24 karat gold facial, we’ll have to admit were just a tad taken a back.But then again... have you heard about the diamond contact lenses? What about the diamond-studded humidifier? These are just some of the items that’ll either make your eyes twinkle or your eyebrow raise.

October 30, 2011 3:32 by

  • OK, we'll admit that the 24 Karat Gold facial makes its rich customers looking yellow Iron Men in their own rights, but as this video shows it is now becoming a particularly famous trend.

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    So what else keeps the gold facial company? We present to you, 11 other strange bedazzled products on sale.

  • If the test of how ‘bling’ bling can get is just how unusual the blinged up object is, than this air purifier wins hands down. Who would have ever thought there would be a need for a 20,000-Swarovski-crystals-studded Al Muntaha air purifier? Ah, but there is. Currently the purifier is on display at Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall. And though Dh32,000 may seem a bit of an extravagance, for the more sober connoisseur of air purifiers, the range also includes a Dh4,999 model with scattered crystals and a Dh4,500 purifier with only an outline of crystals.  Mihir Patel, the chief executive of Amancorp, the regional distributor of Airfree says: "Premium products sell in Dubai and we have had interest from people considering buying our limited edition purifiers. We've had interest from Sheikhs and wealthy people in other countries who want something that is unique and different."

  • Remember the most expensive Christmas tree that was on display in Emirates Palace last Christmas? The $11-million Christmas tree owed much of its value to the 181 diamonds, pearls, emeralds, and sapphires that adorned the tree: the jewels were provided by Style Gallery solely for the purpose of the exhibition.  The tree drew a lot of negative attention, and a day after Christmas, Emirates Palace released a statement saying it regretted “attempts to overload the tradition followed by most hotels in the country with meanings and connotations that do not fall in line with the (hotel’s) professional standards.”

  • OK, so this one isn’t quite available in the UAE just yet, but the concept was just so ridiculous we thought it was worth mention. Flip flops, you know the epitome of causal foot ware, have gotten a face lift with the new Snake Charmer flip-flops which have 24 round, full-cut, high quality diamonds. Yours for only $20,000.

  • Remember that song, Diamonds at the Soles of Her Shoes? Well, if you thought that was mere hyberbole one manicurist in London might help render some perspective to the tune. Cherish…ME has made headlines for their trademark Iced Manicure—yes it is a manicure which involves carefully setting diamonds on one’s fingernails. Unsurprisingly, London-based Cherish…ME also does provide a special home service to clients in Dubai ever since March of this year, when Cherish…ME launched operations in the UAE. So how much will a sitting set you back? No less than a cool Dh187,330. Of course, this price is inclusive of the travel and accommodation expenses for the nail specialist flown in from the UK and for the maintenance costs. And though one may think the price is far too steep, apparently not everyone shares the same opinion: “Interest has been overwhelming. Our service is bespoke and international; thus we have an ever-growing waiting list,” says owner Cherish Angula.

    Kipp can’t help but wonder what exactly happens to the diamonds, once one’s nails grow out? And how much would it hurt to scratch yourself with these diamond-studded talons?

  • Ferraris are flashy enough without needing extra help; which is why when Autoblog featured a gallery of one Saudi Ferrari owner’s 599 GTB Fiorano chromed up, we were quite taken aback. Now granted, there is some debate as to whether the owner actually chromed his vehicle or whether he actually just made use of developing sticker-technology, there is no denying it sure is blinged-up.

  • Gold and platinum credit cards move over! You have been replaced by the very literal diamond credit card offered by Dubai First. With a diamond embedded at the center of the credit card, perhaps the best feature of the Royale Mastercard is the unlimited credit that it brings with it. Of course, not just anyone can qualify for the card; not only is the credit card available by invitation only, but it is only for those individuals with a monthly salary of at least Dh100,000 or self-employed individuals with assets amount to at least Dh3.67 million.

  • When Camilia Mohebi, owner of Babybling, was asked what was the best selling item from her company: she was quick to reply it was the Dh6,500 18-carat gold pacifier studded with Swarovski crystals.  Of course, Mohebi is quick to explain the attraction may just be a cultural thing: “It’s true that Arabs love opulence. It’s been part of our culture for centuries (gold was traditionally given as a gift to babies) and Arabs see babies as their windows for fashion, putting great emphasis on dressing them up in gorgeous clothes and gems.”

  • Gold ATMs have been set up around the UAE, in major tourist destinations like the entrance of Burj Khalifa, the At The Top viewing platform on the 124th floor and the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The ATM machine, which only accepts cash (dirhams, to be specific), provides over excited tourists with gold nuggets and coins: the smallest nugget weighs 2.5 grams and can set you back by Dh565, whereas a one-ounce coin is a lot more pricey at Dh5,540. The prices are updated via the internet every 10 minutes. Though Kipp initially thought this idea a bit stupid, apparently not everybody agrees. Gulf News reports that “one vendor has had to organise twice-a-week replenishment.”

  • Thinking of buying a new phone? If you are stuck with the dilemma of Blackberry or iPhone, why not consider a phone from GoldVish’s Haute Couture, various combinations of gold and diamond cell phone. It will set you back anywhere between Dhs220,000 to Dhs730,000, anyway.

  • Taking the concept of gold as jewellery to the next level is the special gold tattoo. Here in Dubai, you can opt for such an indulgence at Assawan Spa & Health Club at Burj Al Arab, the only spa that offers such tattoos. An exec from Assawan Spa said, “as of now we are the only spa offering such tattoos (…) We have both local residents and tourists as our clients. The starting range is Dh395 for small sized ones and for medium-sized tattoos it normally costs Dh495.”

  • When Kipp read of these contact lenses that come complete with a string of diamonds around the centre, we’ll admit we were surprised that it was created in India, of all places. The gold-plated contact lenses featuring 18 twinkling diamonds are going for $15,000. Each to their own, but if you ask Kipp, the almost demonic looking contact lens for some reason hardly conjure the beloved image of ‘twinkling eyes.’ Yet judging by the UAE’s love for all things bling, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the diamond studded contact lenses get a few buyers here in the emirates. After all, the region is infamous for its appreciation of all things shiny and outrageously bling. In this slideshow, we have gathered some of the most zany bling products the UAE has enjoyed


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