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Bottoming out: top firms of yesteryear now struggle

Bottoming out: top firms of yesteryear now struggle

With the internet giving consumers more access to competitive products, some pioneering products are struggling to survive. Even in the corporate world, it's evolve or die, says Precious de Leon.

November 1, 2011 2:12 by

…demise—one that most of us hope we’ll never have to see. It’ll be the end of a true era.

How does this compare to the kind of concerns companies have in the UAE? The lesson here is innovation and staying relevant. Trading companies and distribution agents will need to stay relevant and offer competitive products and customer service. If not, consumers will always have the option to shop online or go to smaller start-up companies—new entries that will be eager to please.

Longevity of operation certainly doesn’t spell security. Beware: it could be the end of your era soon.

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