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British Airways launch course to combat fear of flying


One in four UAE residents admit to pteromerhanophobia, says survey

January 23, 2014 3:58 by

London-based carrier, British Airways (BA), will launch its ‘Flying with Confidence’ course in Dubai next month, in response to the results of a recent YouGov survey.

The survey, commissioned by BA and comprising 1,000 respondents, reveals that more than one in four UAE residents have a fear of flying. It also highlights that 42 per cent of nervous flyers feel that the fear diminishes quality of life. Therefore, the London-based carrier decided to launch its ‘Flying with Confidence’ course on February 17, to help combat this.

Previously offered in the UK and the US, the one-day course, which according to BA has helped more than 45,000 people over the past 25 years. The day starts with a session from BA captain and course organiser, Steve Allright, who will explain the technical side of flying, how an aircraft operates and other areas, such as turbulence. A specialised counsellor also provides expert advice on relaxation techniques, and how best to deal with anxiety and feelings of panic.

“The UAE is one of the fastest growing airline hubs in the world, and according to the recent study by BA, approximately 75 per cent of UAE respondents have taken a long-haul flight in the last 12 months. The survey also reveals that for UAE residents, the biggest cause of anxiety around flying is concerns about safety, followed by a fear of the unknown,” says Captain Allright.

Holding a 98 per cent success rate, the course is tailored to fit participants regardless of whether they have a mild anxiety about flying, are unable to board an aircraft or develop a sudden debilitating phobia.




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