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Building a revolution from scratch

Building a revolution from scratch

Angus MacSwan looks at how Libya builds its rebel structure, involving both the youth and professionals across the sector, with exiles returning to help the cause.

March 24, 2011 5:00 by

He also stressed the difficulty of starting from scratch.

Under Gaddafi, there was a total vacuum, he said.

“He targeted everything that was organised. The army, trade unions, even charities and sports clubs.”

So if the movement appeared to stumble, he said: “They are good people in a great time.”

Gheriani said the need to build institutions and structure from the ground up made Libya a different revolution to those in Tunisia and Egypt, which toppled long-running strongmen earler this year.

A free Libya could also tap its oil wealth to rebuild and spread about the wealth that has largely been kept in the hands of Gaddafi and his family and his cronies.

“Thank goodness we are not a poor country. There is enough capital available. We will not rely on people to give us money to build schools.”

“I think we have a long road ahead of us. First of all we need a free Libya, then a strong constitution, freedom of speech. Then we start the difficult part. People have been denied a job, denied an education.. and rebuild a country.”

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