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Building blocks

Building blocks

Eva Fernandes is pleasantly surprised by the impressive living conditions of construction workers residing at Saadiyat Island’s Construction Village and is hopeful for more of the same in the region.

March 16, 2011 3:33 by

Upbeat pieces come few and far between. So when there’s one that comes along, Kipp’s ready to give pats on the back. An article in Gulf News has given us a break from our usuallycynical tone.

The article was on the refreshingly impressive living quarters for construction workers on Saadiyat Island. Contractors developing property on the Island are required by The Tourism and Development Company to house their workers in the Construction Village (an inspired name, we know).

Construction Village, as per its first phase, which was completed in December, has the capacity to hold 5,000 workers. Though I havennot been to Construction Village personally, from what Gulf News describes of the accommodation I am predisposed to approve.

To start, each room has a limit of accommodating no more than six workers in three bunk beds with a bathroom. These rooms come with private lockers, personal lights and power sockets, windows with fly screens, air conditioning and smoke detectors, If these sound like basic requirements for accommodation, it is because they are but unfortunately most are not provided in some laborcamps here.

For recreation, courts have been built for basketball, badminton, volleyball and tennis. Workers can also check out sports equipment free of charge. Alternatively, they can choose to watch the movie of the day, which is shown in the courtyard every day in a different language, along with newsprograms (which are shown in six different languages).

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