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Business of… Awards

With all this fuss surrounding the latest Nobel Prizes, Kipp decided to check out awards. From the Booker to the Olympics, we see prizes that really matter (and a couple that don’t).

October 17, 2010 2:20 by

Olympic Gold

Kipp’s importance rating: 8/10

The human experience is a strange thing. We are all competitive, protective and wary, and yet there is one thing that unites us: athletic endeavour. Only a very few are not moved by great sporting achievement – there is something about pushing the physical boundaries of what a human can accomplish that inspires us all.

The Olympics are the pinnacle of the athletic world. A no nonsense event that establishes who can run fastest, who can jump highest, who can throw farthest. And in the process we learn exactly how far can a human being throw, how high it can jump, how fast it can run.

The ancient Olympic Games were held in Greece from the 8th century BC. The modern games were founded in 1896, and aside from the odd World War, have been held every two years since (alternating between winter and summer).

Yes, the event is too often undermined by drugs cheats. Yes, the inclusion of a ridiculous number of events dilutes the point. But we love it nonetheless.


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