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Business of… Awards

With all this fuss surrounding the latest Nobel Prizes, Kipp decided to check out awards. From the Booker to the Olympics, we see prizes that really matter (and a couple that don’t).

October 17, 2010 2:20 by

Dubai Shopping Festival journalism and photography competition

Kipp’s importance rating: 0/10

No, we’re not bitter we didn’t win one. In fact, we’re actually rather glad. These awards are a horrible little idea that presumably is supposed to garner the shopping festival some more coverage. They may as well have offered a cash reward for the person who wrote the most nice things about DSF.

Actually, that’s pretty much what they did. First prize in any of the categories bagged a cash prize, making it essentially an outright bribe for the media. Didn’t deter Gulf News, mind you, who proudly boasted of having won seven of the things.


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