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Business of Horse Racing

With the dust of this weekend’s Dubai World Cup just starting to settle, we take a look at the global business of horse racing, the jockeys and the up to AED73 million horses at the heart of it all.

March 24, 2011 3:28 by


Although initially a predominantly Western sport, horse racing is now endorsed by various countries around the globe; each of which offer different kinds of horse races with different kinds of horse race tracks. In general, says you can divide the racetracks in to three major categories:

1) Flat horse tracks: these are oval tracks that test speed and stamina. These kinds of race tracks are most common in the UK, the USA and the Far East. Flat horse racing involves two separate kinds of racing: conditions racing and handicap racing.

2) National Hunt Tracks: Typically it spans no more than 2 miles. This track is more about skill than speed. Horses have to jump over different obstacles like hurdles or fence during the race.

3) All Weather Tracks: As suggested by the name, these tracks tend to be in areas which have weather conducive to racing all year long. As such the track surface is generally made of Fibresand or Equitrack to accomodate the different conditions all year round.


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