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Business of Horse Racing

Business of Horse Racing

With the dust of this weekend’s Dubai World Cup just starting to settle, we take a look at the global business of horse racing, the jockeys and the up to AED73 million horses at the heart of it all.


March 24, 2011 3:28 by

One of the most famous race horses of the sport includes Secretariat, a chestnut colt who in 1973, won The Triple Crown by a 31 lengths setting a world-record time. In his career he earned more that $1.3 million (which is equivalent to $6.1 million in 2006) with his breeding rights being sold in 1973 for $6.08 million (also a record at the time of the sale).

Closely following behind Secretariat is Pennsylvanian race horse Smarty Jones who just missed the title of a Triple Crown champ in 2004 in Belmont. In his career Smarty Jones won eight horse races, and earned more than $7.6 million, with 50 percent of his breeding rights being sold for $20 million. But regardless, the interest behind Smarty Pants paid off: some estimate that Smarty Pants helped bring in 13 million new horse racing fans.

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