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Business of… Nokia

Believe it or not, this Finnish company remains one of the titans of the global mobile phone industry, despite losing ground to the likes of Apple and Google.

February 13, 2011 4:10 by

Best sellers

You don’t get to being the world’s largest producer of mobile phones without shifting a few, and Nokia has shifted more than that. Nokia phones make up five out of the top ten best selling mobile phone units of all time, according to most lists; it created three out of the four best selling of all time, including the best seller and runner up. You can’t argue with that.

Best seller of all time is the Nokia 1100, which Kipp is pretty sure was the one with “Snake II”. It has sold a whopping 250 million units, a clear hundred million ahead of second placed Nokia 3210 (which was kind of its forerunner, having “Snake I”. Kipp loved that phone, except if you stayed on it for more than 20 minutes it used to really heat up and burn you head. Fortunately, there radiation were no from any after effects.


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