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Business of… Nokia

Believe it or not, this Finnish company remains one of the titans of the global mobile phone industry, despite losing ground to the likes of Apple and Google.

February 13, 2011 4:10 by

Future moves

A memo like this can mean only one thing: There is a serious shake up coming. High up on the agenda, if the UK’s Guardian is to be believed, is a potential move to Silicon Valley. R and D would apparently remain in Finland, but the HQ would be closer to the current trailblazers in smartphone technology, Google and Apple.

More ominously, the paper also says that “Nokia’s faltering Ovi services – which are trying to create an app ecosystem for the company’s phones – and swathes of its middle management are also seen as vulnerable in the reorganisation.”

Elop, it seems, is not wasting any time – he only came into the job in September, after the board fired his Finnish predecessor.


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