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Business of… Nokia

Believe it or not, this Finnish company remains one of the titans of the global mobile phone industry, despite losing ground to the likes of Apple and Google.

February 13, 2011 4:10 by

Future focus

But Elop’s first big gambit turns out to be a bit more predictable. The former Microsoft man has just announced a tie up with Microsoft that will see Nokia adopt Microsoft’s operating system Windows Phone 7 for its future smartphones. It means sidelining (read: scrapping) Nokia’s existing operating systems in favour of an option which is still floundering in the wakes of Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS. According to Elop, this means there will be ‘substantial’ job losses.

Analysts think Nokia may have been better off teaming up with Google’s Android system. Either way, it could be a tough couple of years while the two giants, Microsoft and Nokia, get to grips with a mobile market that has left them standing, and each other. As one BBC correspondent brilliantly put it, “The cruel verdict from some is that two turkeys don’t make an eagle – but you can’t fault Mr Elop for his audacity.”


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